A purple hue spreads out the summer

In a year, May is the blooming and most striking time of the purple Lagerstroemia tree.

Lagerstroemia tree is a plant that requires thick, deep soil with high humidity. This is also a plant with a relatively wide ecological range. It usually grows in areas along rivers, lakes, or freshwater lagoons, and is distributed in areas not exceeding 700m above sea level. In addition, Lagerstroemia tree can also be grown on red-yellow ferritic soils, clay schist, or in tropical climates areas with two distinct rainy and sunny seasons such as Central Vietnam.

In front of the Vietnam Technical Textile factory gate, you can capture beautiful purple moments with rows of Lagerstroemia flowers planted along both sides of the straight road.

Who said that an industrial park was “boring”, “industrialization” when the Lagerstroemia flower is making a blaze of color on route 6 at Dien Nam – Dien Ngoc industrial park, which is cooling the summer scorching sun, embellishing the industrial landscape.

Lagerstroemia flower is often associated with summer, students, schools, autograph book pages, and love stories on school – days. Those are unforgettable memories that we still feel the same with different types of emotions whenever it comes to our youth time.

Let’s take a walk around and see the rows of this purple flower blooming in front of the factory gate through the photos below:

Vietnam Technical Textile Ltd.co
Lagerstroemia tree is blooming on the 06 th street, Dien Nam- Dien Ngoc Industrial Zone.


May is also the beginning of summer in Central Vietnam, the weather becomes hotter and more severe. Our whole team is in rush to complete the orders in a month to deliver to our partners on time. After continuous working hours, the shadows of trees, and the shades of blue and purple of the Lagerstroemia flower can help us to relax, and recharge positive and fresh energies.


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