About Us

 Vietnam Technical Textile, Ltd (VTT) is the third company of non-woven fabric Manufacturer group in Vietnam specializing in PP nonwoven, Spunlace nonwoven, Geotextile. Possessing modern machines imported from reputable partners of Europe, Taiwan, Japan, including Spunlace nonwoven fabric, PP nonwoven production line, and Nonwoven bag’s garment factory, VTT could meet customer’s diverse needs in terms of raw materials with high quality, quick order processing, timely.
With many years in the field of non-woven fabric production, experienced quality control team will make sure the fabric quality accords customers specific requirements. We have been the trusted partner for many countries in the world such as Japan, EU, South Korea, South America, Asian markets.
As a global supplier in the Spunbond PP nonwoven fabrics, Spunlace nonwoven fabric, GEO textile, VTT is to create added value for customers around the world. In the future, we strive to be a supplier of non-woven fabric, especially Spunlace nonwoven fabric in Vietnam and Asia.


Polypropylene, Polyester, Viscose with various applications


In Hygiene field: Hygienic materials in diapers for children and adults and in feminine napkins

Industry: roadbed cloth, bank protecting cloth, water-rolling material, filter material.

Shoes leather: lining of shoes leather, shoes bag, shoes cover, compound material.


Household: table cloth, sofa and bed sheet cloth.

Medical protecting tool: safety mask, safety coats, surgical gowns, respirators, head covers, flour storage bags.

Packaging: shopping bags, gift bags, suits pockets, flour storage bags.



Be the first and leading manufacturer in Vietnam about Spunlace nonwoven which is the main raw material for wet wipes and other specialized sanitary products.


We manage the fabric quality standards strictly, continue to invest in more modern machinery to meet the demand of customers around the world for spunlace, spunbond nonwoven fabric.


We provide quality products, on schedule, as the reliable and long-lasting input of our partners.


We acknowledge the importance of non-woven fabrics to the economy, we are highly proud of our environmentally- friendly products. Therefore, VTT team do many efforts, work hardly & creatively to enhance the performance to bring the customer the highest satisfaction.