Spunlace nonwoven production process at Vietnam Technical Textile factory

Spunlace is the process of linking fibers that hook together through jets of water under high pressure, forming very thin and tightly woven threads that do not tear easily.

Spunlace nonwoven fabric uses short fibers, most commonly viscose and polyester fibers. Polypropylene (PP) is also used sometimes.

Sợi xơ dùng để sản xuất vải không dệt Spunlace
Yarn used to produce Spunlace nonwoven fabric

This is a fabric with or without patterns and textures, with the feature of water absorption, softness, and no shedding, used in many industries such as high-grade wet wipes, industrial wipes, wipes technical, cleaning wipes in the electronics manufacturing industry, sanitary napkins for food production, machinery, etc.


Photo: Cuộn vải thành phẩm sa khi sản xuất được lưu tại kho
Photo: Fabric rolls of end – products are stored in the warehouse .

Spunlace nonwoven production process at Vietnam Technical Textile factory:

  1. Raw materials are put into the cotton supply chain according to the pre-mixed ratio.
  2. The raw material is passed through the mixer and shredded. In this path, the Metal Detector will filter out both materials and impurities. Clean fiber is passed through the Cotton Supply Line including 3 times of tearing and mixing.
  3. The well-mixed fibers are transferred to the carding machine, which separates the fibers to form a screen, into evenly spread layers.
  4. The fiber screen that goes through the Spunlace machine has many high-pressure water nozzles that help bind the fibers together to create a fabric film, with the amount of fabric being adjusted to suit each customer’s requirements.
  5. Screen the fabric through a Vacuum Extractor to remove most of the water in the fabric before passing it on to the dryer.
  6. The drying system adopts a heat transfer oil agent at a temperature of 1000 – 1800 degrees Celsius to form a dry, soft and silky Spunlace fabric.
  7. Fabrics are checked for stains through a stain detector before being rolled into finished fabric rolls and packaged for storage.

With a modern production line system according to European and Japanese technology, especially a technical team with such great experience in the past 6 years of operation, the Vietnam Technical Textile factory will meet the strict requirements of both domestic and foreign partners regarding the quality of Spunlace fabric, especially the fabric used in the production of high-quality wet wipes, and for medical use.

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